Why pre-frenectomy therapy?

It is essential to seek a consult with an orofacial myologist before your surgery. Pre-procedure, the orofacial myologist will assess your tongue tie and your function and will provide a personalized pre-op therapy plan to get you ready for your procedure. The muscles of the tongue have been restricted, sometimes for years, and they need to be properly prepared for a release. Pre-op strengthening is necessary where muscles are concerned. Think about the strengthening that is recommended before a knee replacement. Your tongue and orofacial muscles are no different. Without proper preparation, the release of your tongue tie may not be complete resulting in the inability to restore optimal function to the orofacial complex. If this were to happen, the only true remedy would be to have the release done again.

Why post-frenectomy therapy?

Post-procedure, the therapist prescribes exercises to prevent scarring ensuring the tongue remains long and flexible. Once the frenum is released by the surgeon, the tongue will be able to freely move around the oral cavity. Some muscles will be unable to perform their proper functions from being anchored to the floor of the mouth. And some may have grown strong while compensating for the inability to use the former muscles. Some even will have atrophied due to non-use. The therapist will help you restore these muscles to optimum function with exercises to assist the tongue movement, appropriate tongue resting posture and function of the muscles as a unit. Recapturing the dental freeway space is essential, and what this looks like will vary from patient to patient.  

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A habit formed with a tongue-tie is not something ease to change, and most people do not know what the correct position should be. Proper diagnosis allows for targeted and effective therapeutic intervention. At Sound Mouths, we identify the root cause of multiple problems and develop a tailor-made treatment plan. At times, our treatment plans may include collaboration with other relevant medical professionals. 

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