Our Team Members

Pediatric Speech Pathologist in Loudoun

Shannon de Prado

Speech Pathologist
On track for QCOM certification

Coming soon

Business Manager

Maria Donnelly

Cert BBM
Certified Butekyo breathing instructor
Office manager

Hello, I’m Maria Donnelly, Office Manager. With 25 years of practice management and clinical patient education, I am thrilled to be a part of Sound Mouths team. I am also a Certified Buteyko Clinic Practitioner, and am happiest when helping others find freedom in their health. My goal is to help you achieve success with Sound Mouths by offering assistance with scheduling, answering questions, coordination with other healthcare providers, and any other administrative needs. I can honestly say, you are in the right place and will be amazed at how MaryFrances and Shannon look at the whole picture to improve oral function as well as overall health! In my spare time, I love working with clients on breathwork, hiking, spending time with friends and building community!

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