What is Speech Therapy?

Children and adults can have speech and language disorders which can negatively impact relationships, making/keeping friends, navigating social situations, academics, reading, and writing. Communication requires both speech and language skills. Speech refers to how an individual produces their sounds and how intelligible, to a listener. Language is the words we use to ideas and get what we want by putting a sentence together with the correct grammar or syntax.  

Speech therapy can treat a variety of disorders related to speech sound production, language expression and comprehension, fluency (stuttering), and voice disorders. Early Intervention is key to reducing or eliminating future difficulties.

child in speech therapy

Common signs of a speech or language disorder:

Reference:, American Speech-Language Hearing Association

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Proper diagnosis allows for targeted and effective therapeutic intervention. At Sound Mouths, we identify the root cause of multiple problems and develop a tailor-made treatment plan. At times, our treatment plans may include collaboration with other relevant medical professionals. 

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